Unique Wedding Gifts and Custom Artwork by Soundwave Design Co.

Welcome to Soundwave Design Co., where your memories and moments are transformed into one-of-a-kind wedding gifts, custom artwork, and unique home decor. Based in the heart of Durham Region, we specialize in creating personalized soundwave designs, star maps, grandparent gardens, and much more. Whether you're in Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, or Bowmanville, we bring your vision to life with a touch of local charm.

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  • Wedding Gifts

    Discover our bespoke, one-0\of-a-kind wedding gifts. From custom art pieces to soundwave designs, our gifts are a hit at every celebration in Durham Region.

  • Custom Artwork

    Serving the entire Durham Region, including Oshawa and Bowmanville, we pride ourselves on creating pieces that resonate with your personal style and decor.

  • Home Decor

    Elevate your living spaces with our personalized home decor items. From intricate to serene, our creations add a unique touch to any home in Ajax, Pickering, and beyond.

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NEW: Celebrate Family With Your Very Own Constellation Star Map

Celebrate your family with these one-of-a-kind constellation star maps piece. Send us your address, birthdates and optional personalized message; we'll take care of the rest—the perfect gift for any occasion.

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Capture Memories with Custom Soundwave Art

First words, loving barks, words of motivation, a favorite song, or the "I do" that changed your life—we turn all the most memorable sounds in your life into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind works of art for your home.

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